Mercy Flight: 1979 Re-Enactment

1979.01 - Crest

1979.06 - Bob & Denny with Fleet Finch
Bob Horner & Denny May with Fleet Finch

Thanks to the efforts of the Staff of the Lutheran Association of Missionaries & Pilots  – in 1979, pilots Denny May, Bob Horner (sons of the original pilots) along with Rev. Les Stahlke (Executive Director of L.A.M.P. – the Lutheran Association of Missionaries & Pilots) and Russ Janzen (Manager of the Edmonton Flying Club) re-enacted the flight on June 21st – the date of “Wop” May’s death in 1952.

1979.07 - Bob & Denny receive Serum from Dr. Bow at Edmonton
Bob Horner & Denny May receive antitoxin serum from Dr. Bow

Also involved in the re-enactment were Dr. Harold Hamman who waited in Fort Vermilion, and Dr. Malcolm Bow who gave the pilots a vial of anti-toxin to deliver to Dr. Hamman.

The aircraft used was the Edmonton Flying Club Fleet “Finch” open cockpit biplane – taking turns along the way.

1979.12 - Fleet Finch flying - June 21 1979Stops were made at McLennan (where schoolchildren had made posters & prizes were given to the winners), at Peace River (where a civic reception was held) and at Fort Vermilion where the Serum was delivered to Dr. Harold Hamman.

The re-enactment was the brainchild of Rev. Les Stahlke to raise funds for L.A.M.P. 1,500 souvenir covers for the event which sold for $50.00 each – mostly to people who regularly support L.A.M.P. – many in the U.S.A. $55,000.00 was raised and L.A.M.P. used the money to purchase a Cessna 185 for use in their missionary work in Northern Canada.  The covers were signed by the 4 pilots and were carried with on the flight and hand cancelled at Fort Vermilion.